Monday, January 4, 2010

Thoughts On Bargains as Gifts

I redirected my posting energy over the past few weeks into some of the great online deals that have been available recently. I did this to help you (and me!) make the most of our gift-giving dollars.

I have been noticing some interesting phenomena among some folks who have found great deals for gifts.

1-Some feel the need to buy more to make the dollar amount equal to what they have done in the past, no matter the value of the items they have already purchased.
For example: A shopper finds a $75 toy for $15, great! But, last year she actually spent $75 on this child, and feels the need to buy more so that the dollar amount is equal to the previous year.

2-Some who feel that a freebie is not a legitimate gift. I received something very nice from someone recently. She then gave me an additional Christmas gift. I asked why she was giving me another gift and she replied that the first didn't count because she got it for free.

Now for my soapbox speech...

A gift is a gift, period. If it is appropriate and useful for the individual receiving it, the price tag is irrelevant. Some of the best gifts cost little or nothing. The whole point of bargain shopping is saving money. We should be proud of savvy shopping that makes us better stewards of the resources that God has provided!

The idea of focusing on the dollars spent on a gift rather than the thought behind it is off-kilter. Simply ask, "Will it make the recipient smile?" That is really all that matters.

I have some children on my gift list that I budget $15 each for. A few days ago I found their 2010 Christmas gifts on clearance. The value of their gifts is $36 each. I paid just under $6 each. They are getting a nice gift that I know they will love, and I have already saved $27 from my 2010 Christmas budget.

Don't feel guilty about saving proud of a job well done!

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