Sunday, August 22, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Do you follow Pioneer Woman? If you don't you should. Her stories make me laugh out loud, and her recipes are to die for....okay, maybe not. But, they are definitely worth a serious illness.

A few months ago she posted a recipe for a drool-worthy pound cake that the Southern Girl in me just could not ignore. So, I decided to try it out...for the first time...when we had over 30 guests coming to our home...'cause I'm a little crazy like that.

It baked beautifully, and the scent was divine. Then, I tried to turn it out of the pan and got this:

My first course of action was to take a spoon and dig the warm cake out of the bottom of the pan. What?!? I had to see if it was worth saving! It was irrefutably the best pound cake that I'd ever made. So, I had to come up with a way to camouflage it's appearance.

I looked at recipes that included drizzling sauces and syrups on top. I tried slicing it and arranging it on a plate. We all know that didn't help at all. Then, I decided to fall back on a Southern Classic ~ The Trifle.

If you do a search for Trifle recipes, you will find a myriad of way to assemble one. The basics ingredients are
1) Some sort of cakey substance
2) Some sort of creamy substance
3) Some sort of fruity or chunky chocolate substance

Now, hear me please, run screaming from the ones that include fruit cocktail, 'kay?

I decided to make up my own and here is what I came up with, it disappeared at my party.

Berry Trifle
1 Pound Cake, cubed
4 Cups Fresh Berries, sliced if appropriate
4oz Cream Cheese, softened
1 Lg Vanilla Pudding

Combine berries in bowl and sprinkle liberally with sugar. Let this sit on the kitchen counter, covered, for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. Prepare pudding as box directs and then add cream cheese, whisking to combine.

In a large bowl or trifle dish (preferably a clear one), place half of the cubed pound cake. Add half of the sugared berries. Add all of the pudding mixture. Then finish with the rest of the pound cake followed by the rest of the berries. Cover and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

This is best eaten the same day that it is prepared, but leftover will keep for another day or so. I've since made it with a store bought lemon cake, which was also good, but not nearly as yummy as PW's Pound Cake.

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