Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saucy Smokies

In light of New Year's, I thought I would share one of the quickest and easiest "knick-knack" recipes that I have. (In some Southern circles "knick-knack" is used to describe snack food.) I have been making these for over 15 years. They are always the first to disappear from my snack table. I like to cook and serve these in a mini-crock pot. You could also prepare them on the stove and serve them in a chafing dish. (Although, they probably won't last long enough to get cold.)

Lil' Smokies
Prepared Yellow Mustard
Grape Jelly
Minced Onion

Place smokies in your crock. Whisk together jelly and mustard until relatively smooth. If you want your sauce sweeter, go a little heavier on the jelly. If you want it to be more tangy, opt for a little more mustard. Just eyeball the amounts, you really can't mess this up. Stir in the minced onions and pour mixture over the smokies. They should be well coated and with some extra sauce in the bottom. As everything heats up the sauce will loosen up. If you are cooking on the stove, use medium-low heat and give it a little time. Stir occasionally and be sure not to cook the sauce dry. When the smokies are plump, they are ready. Enjoy!

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  1. Cool. A new recipe for Lil' Smokies. I've done this with Grape Jelly & Chili Sauce before, but never with mustard.

  2. Sounds tasty....I've done pretty much the same thing but with dijon mustard and apricot preserves. Hee you didn't know I was a blogger...


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