Saturday, December 12, 2009

Giving Thru Christmas Challenge-Day 31

One of my favorite blogs is Cake Wrecks. It is a site dedicated to finding really poorly executed, professional cakes. I go there any time I need a good laugh. As a novice decorator, I can truly understand how these cakes go wrong. But, I have the good sense to keep it under wraps if it does. Wanna see my favorite? HERE it is. At the top is what the bride requested, scroll down to see what she got. Isn't it horrid?

The couple that runs Cake Wrecks has decided to choose one charity per day for the next two weeks. They will personally contribute $200 to each charity. They are encouraging us to contribute $1. If we participate in all of them, it is a total of $20 out-of-pocket for you and me. But, combined with all the other Cake Wreck readers out there, there is a potential for raising more than $20,000 per charity! That is the power of working together. I don't know what all of the charities will be, and that will certainly determine which I participate in. The first is certainly worthy, a clean water project for developing countries. HERE is the fundraising page for the first charity. As I see worthy causes come up, I will let you know. Or, check back with Cake Wrecks yourself. It is always good for a chuckle. (Disclaimer: Occasionally a wreck is posted with a reference to poo, and occasionally a cake comes across that looks racy, even though the baker produced it innocently.)

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