Friday, December 18, 2009

Passing Along the Best Blog Awards

I told you earlier in the week that Unfinished Mom had passed me the Best Blog Award. Well, it is my turn to pass it along to some of my favorite blogs. I check each of these daily, and find great value in each one. Since I am fairly new to this world, I consider all of them recent finds.

I will say that I would also be passing this to Unfinished Mom, had it not come from her. She has wonderful ideas. I am still psyched over her Cookie Sheet.

1~Mama Cheaps
Posts multiple times daily with great deals.

2~Couponing to Disney
Using bargain hunter tactics to finance a family trip to Disney. Multiple deal posts daily.

Mom of quadruplet boys shares the stories of her life. Runs a charity providing "survival kits" to NICU families.

4~For The Mommas
Great Mom Blog. Cooking, Bargains, etc.

5~Cake Wrecks
Just plain fun. Professionally decorated cakes gone awry. For a novice decorator like me, more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

6~Household 6 Diva
Military wife living in Germany, I believe. Great stories of military life and some of the most beautiful baked goods I've ever seen. Check out her Apple Rosette Pie HERE.

7~Life As Mom
On a journey to joyful motherhood. Good stuff on all levels.

8~Moore Minutes
Home life ideas, decorating, making home a pleasant place to be.

9~Redemption Unlimited
Bargains, Coupon Codes and Deals. Multiple daily posts.

10~Saving and Giving
Jennifer's goal is to save money so that she can give more to others, I love her purpose!

11~Kingdom First Mom
Saving and Giving from a Christian perspective

12~The Dragon Sisterhood
Written for the adoptive families of Chinese children. Great information on adjustment, opportunities and culture.

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