Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cool Kitchen Tips~Cooling Off Mac & Cheese

When I was growing up Macaroni and Cheese was a solid, it was called Macaroni Pie. (It's a Southern thing...I'll post my recipe one day.) I was a teenager before I actually tasted the stuff out of the box. I'm not a huge fan. But, my youngest likes it a lot. So I do occasionally make it for him. My biggest problem has always been cooling it off. I have fixed my little guy a bowl of mac & cheese many times and put it in the freezer for a few minutes. The other day I had an epiphany. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. But, I did have a good idea. I dropped an ice cube in and let my son stir until it melted. It did not hurt the consistency at all. I suppose it could if it was a very small serving. But, it was a much quicker fix than my freezer method.


  1. Oh yes. I do the freezer thing for my youngest as well. She'd live off the stuff if I let her. (Personally, I can't stand mac & cheese!)

    You already know this, but you've got an award waiting over at my place:


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