Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things-Books That Give A New Perspective to Christmas

There are a couple of small books that I pull from my bookshelf every year at this time. Each one is a very fast read, but so packed full of meaning! I thought I would share them with you.

The first is Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado. Written with Lucado's characteristic flair, it is the fictionalized rendition of the spiritual warfare that must have surrounded the first Christmas. This would be a fun book to read with boys, at your discretion of course. (Minor parental editing may be needed as you read to them based on the age and maturity level of your kiddos.) Angels are portrayed as the warriors and protectors that they are. I plan to read this with my 9 year old this year, with the explanation that it is fictional. This is the nativity story like you have never heard it before. Find it in THIS compilation at Amazon.

The second book is The Innkeeper by John Piper. Although this is also a fictionalized account of events surrounding the first Christmas, as with all that comes from Piper's pen, it is rich with meaning. I have great respect for this man of God. This one brings me to tears every single year. I think any mom would understand this upon reading it. Have you ever thought about the true ramifications of the slaughter of all baby boys under the age of 2 that Herod commanded? Joseph was warned and Jesus was spared...many were not. This book is not a Christmas downer, on the contrary, it brings a depth to Christmas that is often forgotten. Find it HERE at Amazon.

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  1. Amy, I so agree with you about Herod's command. A few years ago Hubs did a cantata/drama that focused on that aspect of the Christmas story. The main character was a man who had lost his son in that edict. It changed my perspective dramatically.

    Isn't it amazing. We often focus on the "happy" parts of the Christmas story. But there are many parts of it that were not so happy. Ever thought about being 9 months pregnant and riding a donkey for miles & miles? Ugh.


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