Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did You Know? Making Sticker Sheets User-Friendly for Little Fingers

My Little Stinker loves stickers. I use them often as rewards or as a means of entertainment when we are away from home. But, he does not have a lot of patience. Sometimes stickers can be very difficult to get off of the sheet. He gets easily frustrated with them. This little tip has saved us from numerous meltdowns. Before giving your kiddo a sheet of stickers, peel off the surrounding "trash" sticky paper (As illustrated below). **Cue Inner Monologue, "There must be some trade-name for sticker sheet refuse...wonder what it is? Why do I wonder about such things? Do other people ask such odd questions? WHATever..." ** All that will be left on the sheet is the stickers, and they will be so much easier for little fingers to remove.

This monster's name is "Arrow", according to the Little Stinker. You have to LOVE these "Build a Monster" stickers from American Greetings. They have "Build a Robot" as well. I picked them up at stuff-mart.

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