Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Superfresh Trip

I do not normally post about individual shopping trips. There are other bloggers who do this faithfully and that is great, it just isn't my thing. I did have to show you the deal I just scored at Superfresh, though. It is probably the best deal I will ever run....ever.

Grocery Value-$42.00
Total Spent-$1.19

Isn't that insane? Here's the lowdown...

Bananas $1.41
1 Milk $3.49
3 Polaner $3.19, on sale 2 for $3
4 Gorton $4.49, on sale $2.24
3 Krusteze $3.19, on sale $0.99

4 x .50 off Gorton Sea Food (doubled)
3 x 1.00 off Polaner
3 x .50 off Krusteze Baking Mix (doubled)
$10 off Catalina Coupon from previous Proctor and Gamble deal.

That's a 97% savings!! They hate to see me coming ;)

1 comment:

  1. So cool when you hit a deal like that. I've got a deal on toilet paper at Giant that I'm planning to post.


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