Friday, January 22, 2010

Freebie Friday

It has been a really good freebie week at my house. I am continually amazed at how much stuff you can bring home for free. As always, the things listed here were TOTALLY FREE, either from savvy couponing, BOGO sales, or giveaways. I will provide the link to any coupons that I used, if the deal is still available. It is my goal to inspire you to look for freebies, too!

The second half of this post includes links to my favorite online freebies from the past week that are still available.

My shopping totals for this week: Spent-$40.23, Saved-$120.50, Percentage Saved-75%

The above photo is from THIS DEAL. Everything in it was free and is listed below except the bananas.

The Grocery Game
~1 Box Kraft Mac and Cheese (Superfresh)
~2 Boxes Green Giant frozen corn (Weis)
~4 Boxes Krusteze Pancake Mix (Superfresh)
~1 Gallon Milk (Superfresh)
~3 Jars Polaner All-Fruit (Superfresh)
~4 Boxes Gorton Grilled Fish (Superfresh)
~2 Pouches Starkist Tuna (Walmart) Printable $1 off 1 coupon HERE makes this item Free at Walmart. FireFox users click HERE. Hit the your browser's back button to print two times.
~1 Box Sunbelt Granola Bars (Walmart) Printable BOGO coupon HERE
~1 22ct. Carefree Liners (Walmart- Price, $1.00, used $1.00 coupon in February Good Housekeeping Mag.) (Printable available HERE, at Deal Seeking Mom. You can print it 2 times.)
~1 18ct. Always Infinity Pads (Walmart)(Coupon for free package in BEING GIRL online freebie, listed below.)

The Drugstore Game
~Did not play this week...the deals were weak

In the Mail
~Tampax BEING GIRL samples & Coupon (link below)
~Atkins Starter Kit w/3 Atkins Bars & Carb Counter (linked in earlier FF post HERE.)
~5 Puritan's Pride Vitamin E Sticks
~Jiffy Cornbread Recipe Book
~Nakano Rice Vinegar Recipe Book
~Tampax, 3 tampons sample
~Always, 3 pads sample
~February Weight Watchers Magazine
~Emergen-C Alert Sample


Being Girl sample HERE. Includes tampons, pads, and coupon for a free box of Always Infinity Pads.

Cream of Wheat is offering a free sample, including the new Spongebob line. Choose your flavor for theis freebie HERE.
Thanks, For the Mommas!

Power Bar has samples of Gel Blasts available HERE.
Thanks, Southern Savers!

If you know anyone who uses hearing aids, Energizer is offering a sample of their hearing aid batteries HERE. (Bottom right of page.)

Betty Crocker is offering $10 in coupons to folks who sign up for one of their newsletters HERE.
Thanks, Hip2Save!

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  1. PS, Guys...this is my first shot at posting printable coupon links...and I am teaching myself this stuff. If something doesn't work right, please let me know and I will try again ;)


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