Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things~Clorox Toilet Wand $5 Coupon!

I purchased a couple of Clorox Toilet Wands many moons ago. (I'm thinking two years?) Oh, how I love cleaning a toilet from a distance! I've never been a fan of toilet brushes...they are just icky! So, before the Toilet Wand my previous toilet cleaning efforts led to encounters that were way too close for comfort.

Back when I purchased mine, they came with these little plastic hooks that stuck (sort of) to the toilet tank so that the wand would be close at hand. Now, Clorox has designed a nifty holder that sits on the floor. It has a place to store the wand, as well as storage for the cleaning heads. I upgraded this week, because I came across a printable coupon for $5 off of this cleaning system. (wand, stand, and 6 cleaning heads) My Walmart has these for $9.72, so the coupon makes them less than half-price. Print out up to 2 copies of the coupon HERE. (Use your browser's back button for the second one.) I used 2, because I have two bathrooms.

I know there are cheaper ways to clean my toilets. Let's just say that I allow myself a few splurges for being so froogle with other purchases.

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