Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Green Star Wars Cake???

My best bud, Blond Chick, has two boys. I have had the fun privilege of making every birthday cake these kiddos have had. The oldest just turned four. As we all know, four year olds have opinions ;) This year he asked me to make him a Star Wars cake. Then, a few days later he informed me that it should be a GREEN Star Wars cake. Well, my fist thought was Yoda...he's green, right? But, as I perused the web looking for inspiration, I noticed that most Yoda cakes looked more like the angry spawn of the Incredible Hulk and a Gremlin. I knew Yoda was out of my league. Only an artist can pull that one off.

So, I started thinking about scenes instead of individual characters. The only green setting I could think of was the Forest Moon of Endor, in Episode VI. With a few vintage action figures in my arsenal, from Blond Chick's brother, I set to work. I decided to make an Ewok Hut with appropriate characters nearby. Now, I did learn through some research that some Ewoks had hut's at ground level (for the elderly Ewoks, maybe?) which was very good news.

Here's the process...

Starting with a plan. This included a pic that I found online for inspiration.

The necessary tools. Decorator bags, tips, gel icing coloring, icing spatulas, etc.

The foundation. I decided to go with a round cake, and used a measuring cup to bake the basic form for the hut.

Cooled & leveled.

Rough icing, not yet smoothed...Green of course!

Icing smoothed, hut construction beginning. I used a Little Debbie Cupcake to give more height for the roof.

The walls of an Ewok hut are woven of something that looks similar to bamboo. To get this texture, I manipulated the icing with a damp artist's brush.

I added some greenery for the forest floor. The path is crushed chocolate cookies. The fallen tree was constructed from a plastic cake support (used internally for tiered cakes). I simply piped stiff icing over it, and extended the pointy roots at the end.

Here it is with characters in place, which I did on-site. Han Solo is on the fallen tree, the Ewok chief (Boss, Head Honcho, Grand Poobah, what do they call their leader?) in front of the hut, R2D2 is on the path, C3PO is beside the hut, and Chewbacca is hanging out on the edge of the cake.

A view from the back.

Now, I know this is a bit of a stretch for a Forest Moon, but this little guy seemed to be happy with it, and that is all that matters!

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  1. well, i guess you had nothing else to blog about :) thanks for ruining my cake taste buds! you are very very talented....believe that.


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