Monday, January 11, 2010

Fruit and Maple Oatmeal....We Have an Answer!

Eureka....we have it! The dietary fiber in McDonald's Fruit and Maple is...5 grams.
Now we can enjoy it all the more!


I just received an email with even more info. Here we go:
280 Calories
40 Calories from Fat
4g Total Fat
1.5g Saturated Fat
0g Trans Fat
5mg Cholesterol
135mg Sodium
57g Carb
5g Dietary Fiber
31g Sugar
5g Protein

These figures are for the container as it is presented for purchase.

****This is an update as of May 15, 2011. I've had lots of questions about how differing variations on the oatmeal affect the nutritional value. Please understand that the original post on this was written over a year and a half ago while this product was being tested in my area for potential national coverage. I am personally glad that they decided to keep the oatmeal. But...they've tweaked it some since this post was written. I doubt that the nutritional facts here will mirror what you can find on the company website. For nutrition facts on the current product, please check out the McDonald's website. Thanks! ~Amy****


  1. Thanks for getting the nutritonal information. There is one mistake on it, however, and that is it should read 57 g carb instead of 5.7.

  2. You are correct. Please forgive my typo! I adjusted that in the post.

  3. Is that 31g sugar????

  4. Yes, I did a little research. I have maple/brown sugar oatmeal packets in my pantry. They contain 11g of sugar. A nutritional site also tells me that 1/4 c. of raisins, craisins, or golden raisins contains around 26 grams of sugar. The vast majority of the sugar seems to come from the dried fruit.

  5. Thanks for the info. I am diabetic and probably should stay away from this. Too sure sounds healthy otherwise

  6. It's great that McD's has managed to provide an option on their menu with only 4g of fat. However, as a health counselor I'm saddened that no one is seemingly bothered by the 280 calories (more than a hamburger or a small fries), the 135 mg of sodium and the 31 g of sugar. Calories, salt intake and sugar are so often forgotten when we're considering "healthy" choices, focusing more on the fat levels. I think it would behoove us all to remember that McDs is not in the business of making food... they're in the business of selling it. They don't hold meetings on how to make their food "better" for the consumer... only how a product will sell in larger numbers. My comment isn't meant to sound harsh, please don't misunderstand. But I beg of people to please stop thinking McDs is providing us healthy alternatives. Regardless, thank you for finding the coveted nutritional content of the oatmeal, Amy. Great work!

  7. For 280 calories and 5 WW points, it is great with whereas a hamburger with more fat and no fiber would only be a starter. I love the oatmeal and will consider it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  8. I agree with Frosty. For me Oatmeal is an entire meal that will hold me until lunch. Whereas a hamburger OR a small fry -- would be easily become a hamburger AND a small fry (oops did i say small). So sugar content aside -- i think this seems to be an ok alternative for every now and again. Thanks for the info!!!!

  9. somehow this got changed from 260 in the comments from the McD's rep to 280 in this blog posting. Is 280 the right number?

  10. Hi,
    The figures above were sent to me via email from McDonald's Corporate office. The rep that commented on the earlier post is a public relations rep for McDonalds. I also called McDonalds and they quoted the above numbers to me a second time...since I got those numbers twice, both times from their corporate headquarters, that is the one I assume to be accuarate. I hope that helps :)

  11. Hi Amy. I received the exact same information from McD HQ (280 calories, etc.). Fortunately, they also included a full list of ingredients. Anyone interesting in seeing it can go to

    For the person concerned about the amount of sugar, it is worth remembering that there is a substantial amount of fruit in this oatmeal; so some of the sugar content is naturally occurring.

  12. I cannot believe anyone would even mention 135 mg of sodium or 31 g of sugar as a problem - and I'm a registered dietitian/nutrition therapist/certifed diabetes educator. Even a sodium restriction allows 2000 mg/day. So McDonalds got it right this time! Also having worked with hundreds of people ranging from ~80 to well over 400 lbs, 280 calories is about as low as I would have ANYONE eat for b'fast! I am thrilled to be able to tell my clients about this choice and hope it comes to the rest of the states soon!

  13. Yeah...sounded like a Mac Basher to me. I am absolutely certain they hold meetings about BETTER food offerings, otherwise they wouldn't have adjusted their menus so drastically over the last few years. Better food sells! Duh! Finally I am lucky enough to get oatmeal from my local Micky Ds, every morning...

  14. I purchased one of these today and thought it was really good. It was pretty sweet though, but I noticed on the menu that the brown sugar was optional. Are these facts with brown sugar and if possible what are the differences in nutritional value between the two options. Thanks. Oh yeah. I'm sure its not as good without the brown sugar, but thought with all the other sugars from the fruit maybe it would be ok to try without.


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