Friday, November 6, 2009

Swagbucks Rocks

It is official, I am hooked on Swagbucks. If you have not already become a "Swaggernaut", you should. SB is a souped-up search engine that randomly awards Swagbucks for Internet searches. Just by doing my daily searching over the past 8 to 10 weeks I have racked up 97 Swagbucks. These bucks can be redeemed for everything from mp3's to game systems. Now, it would take a LONG time to earn the game system. But, I just redeemed 90 of my bucks for $10 in Amazon gift cards. This essentially gave me a "discount" on a Lego set for my son's best buddy for his birthday. Legos seldom go on sale, so I am pretty happy about the way this worked out. I really did nothing to earn them other than making the Swagbucks search page my homepage. That way, I don't forget to use it. I usually net 1 or 2 bucks per day. There is also a toolbar that I have just downloaded. This makes it easier to do the searches. There are other ways to earn bucks, like special Swag Codes that are hidden here and there. I've located a couple, but haven't really spent much time looking. Click below for all the details. Happy Swaggin'!

Search & Win

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