Sunday, November 15, 2009

Acorn Treats

Acorns might not be human food, but it sure is fun to make human food that looks like an acorn! I've made these for several Autumn events over the last couple of years and I'm always asked, "How'd you do that?"'s how!

1 Box of Donut Holes (Pumpkin Spice flavor is yummy for this!)
1 bag of English Toffee Bits (Near the chocolate chips)
Pretzel sticks (1 for every 2 donut holes)
1 tub of Milk Chocolate Frosting

Pour the toffee bits into a bowl. Frost the top 1/3 of a donut hole. Roll the frosted part in the toffee bits. Break a pretzel stick in half and push into the top for a stem.

One year I even got feisty enough to make leaf-shaped cookies to put with them. I put them in a basket with a Fall colored liner for a very pretty presentation.

This is one of many ideas that I have gotten from the Family Fun website.

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