Monday, November 30, 2009

My Cyber Monday Wrap-Up

I am so excited! I have gotten some AMAZING deals today. And, it is time for me to stop before I save more money than I can afford to save :) I thought I would give you a rundown of my deals for the day.

Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics
Unfortunately this site is still down. I hope they will get it together before the day is over. But, just before it crashed, I checked out! I purchased:
1-Mineral Foundation
1-Mineral Finisher
1-Eye Liner
1-Lip Gloss
6-Eye Shadows
Retail plus shipping would have been $50, I paid $19.95 plus I am receiving a free gift for referring 3 friends. I should have gotten cashback from ebates but I forgot to start there...DRAT!

123 Inkjets
I purchased 3 HP 21 black inkjet cartridges. Free shipping on any size order. Order total $39 with $13 cashback from ebates. Net cost $26. Purchased in-store from Stuffmart, I would have paid $47.54. That is a savings of over $20.

Old Navy
Best online deals that I have ever seen for Old Navy. I purchased 11 assorted articles of clothing for various members of the family. Retail on these would have been $157.64 including tax and shipping. Shipping is free today, everything is an additional 20% off, and I am getting 10% cashback from ebates. My net cost is $85.86. That averages $7.80 per item. I am very excited to find that there are petite sizes on as well! Yippee! You can't find them in the stores.

The Body Shop
I have never ordered online here before, but I could not pass this deal up. I purchased a bottle of Tea Tree Oil which retails for $9 and I am receiving a free Vitamin E eye cream that retails for $17. Had I purchased everything at regular price I would have paid $32.56. With tax and shipping I paid $12.93, and am receiving 12% cashback from ebates for a grand total of $11.38. I saved over $21! One day soon I will post about the wonders of Tea Tree Oil.

So, Borders has the B1G1 60% off today. I chose a couple of our favorite Christmas movies that we have yet to upgrade to DVD, Christmas Vacation and The Preacher's Wife. Retail plus tax on these would have been $31.78. I found an additional code for 20% off one item that they allowed me to stack (this has been added to my Cyber Monday Big List post). So, my total was $19.93. With 7% cashback from ebates, I will be paying $18.53, a savings of 46%. I have searched all over for a better deal on these movies and could not find one!

If you would like coupon codes or details on how to get these deals, see my Cyber Monday Big List post.

So, this is my first year of intensive Cyber Monday Shopping. My conclusion? Why bother with Black Friday when you can get amazing deals in your bathrobe?

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