Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Get Free Shipping On Gifts That Give Back

I enjoy finding ways to make my money work overtime. When I spend, I want there to be true value. I believe this goes beyond the mantra, "never pay full price". If I can find a way for someone else to benefit from my purchase, I will. There is an organization that I have been following for several years now called WorldCrafts. What started as a small outlet for helping a few folks get on their feet has turned into a full-blown Fair Trade market.

Their current catalog states, "Operating under Fair Trade Federation standards, WorldCrafts embodies values that move local artisans from poverty to self-sufficiency. WorldCrafts pays its artisans a fair price up front and is committed to working with them on a long-term, sustainable basis."

There are items available from around the world, all handmade. I have purchased from WorldCrafts several times over the years and the quality has always been excellent.

This year there is a new facet to this ministry. SET 1 FREE is a campaign that highlights artisan groups that include women who are at high risk for human trafficking. I did some research this year on the subject of human trafficking and was astounded at the number of victims that fall prey to traffickers every year. Certain items in the WorldCrafts product line are marked with this symbol.
The sale of one of these items directly affects the life of the at-risk woman who made it.

To see the full line of WorldCrafts products, visit their website. Because of the charitable nature of this organization, there are seldom discount codes available. Right now if you make a purchase of $30, you can receive free shipping by using this code, W01564 (Expires November 15). There are some great stocking stuffers, and some really pretty jewelry this season. So, as you begin making your Christmas lists, think about making your purchase count for something more.

If you would like to learn more about the plight of women around the world, True Grit is a good resource. I am sorry to report that the editing in this book is shoddy, but the information included is eye-opening to say the least.

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