Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Good For You" Southern Style Green Beans

A few months ago we had some friends over for dinner. While going back for seconds "Tom" said, "These green beans are fantastic, I cannot stand the ones that come out of a can." I laughed and confessed that those green beans had indeed come out of a can.

This recipe is a result of my efforts over the years to make Southern-style food that doesn't clog your arteries. I promise, you'll love them! I am pretty faithful to Hanover's Blue Lake Green Beans. Allen Green Beans are good as well. But, use whatever is in your stockpile.

Canned green beans (amount appropriate for you)
Olive Oil
Cavendar's Greek Seasoning

Empty beans, liquid and all, into appropriately sized pot on medium heat. Add olive oil, I never measure but I would say 1 Tablespoon for every pound of beans. Then add Cavendar's. Again, I don't measure, but start with 1/2 teaspoon per pound and add more if you like later in cooking. I'm sure I use more than that. Now, stir well and let them simmer for a couple of hours on the stove, but make sure to not let them cook dry. I stir often. This disturbs some folks because the beans start to cook down and fall apart instead of keeping their "cut bean shape"...but that's the way we Southerners like them!

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