Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things-Cavendar's Greek Seasoning

Have you ever had a recipe that needed "something" but you couldn't figure out what? Chances are, this would have been just the thing. I use Cavendar's Greek Seasoning in just about everything.

A few years ago I took green beans to a potluck. One lady tasted them and said. "With the way these taste, and knowing where you are from, they have to be made with fatback." I told her that I do not cook with fatback, and she didn't believe me. One secret to those yummy, canned (yes, canned) green beans is Cavendar's. On another day I will share that recipe (so super-easy).

Cavendar's is a spice blend containing pepper, sugar, onion powder, parsley and "other spices". Besides green beans, I use it in pinto beans, on poultry (even my Thanksgiving Turkey), on just about any vegetable, on baked fish, and in homemade soup. It is flavor, not heat and goes so well with a multitude of foods without making them taste all the same.

At this point, the only place that I can find Cavendar's locally is Super Wal-mart. In the past, Food Lion has carried it as well. I did find it several places online. The best deal I have come across is at There you can purchase three containers for about $5 each with shipping. I have not used their site before, but they are Better Business Bureau approved. You can also purchase it in bulk from Amazon. As you travel South, it becomes more readily available.

Cavendar's is a staple in my house. I would rather run out of salt and pepper than this wonderful seasoning, which definitely makes it on of my favorite things!

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