Thursday, February 11, 2010

The VALUE of Bargain Preparedness

I very rarely visit a mall. The closest malls are 25 miles away, in three different directions. But, recently I had the opportunity to get out of the house during the lull between two epic snowstorms...and I took it! Very little was open other than the mall, so that is where we landed.

In light of the rarity of mall trips, it would be easy for me to just ignore the current deals of the mall store variety. Bargain Preparedness (he he...I like that term, I think I just made it up !) has allowed me to make the most of these trips. There are a few stores that I always check when I am in the vicinity. One of these is Bath and Body Works, it is my non-indulgent indulgence (because I NEVER pay full price). Another of my favorites is The Children's Place. I have found that their clothes hold up extremely well, many pieces surviving both of my boys.

During my snow escape I scored great deals in both stores, because I made sure to have current coupons for the available mall stores in my wallet before leaving home.

Here are my B&BW finds:
3-Aromatherapy Hand Soaps - Retail $6 each, Sale B2G1 Free
2-Aromatherapy Candles - Retail $9.50 each, Sale 2 for $10
1-Japanese Cherry Blossom Bubble Bath - Retail $10.50
Full Retail Price + Tax = $50.35
With Sales & $10 off $30 Purchase Coupon = $23.85 (I paid for part of this with a $10gift card that I got for Christmas. I've been saving it to stack with a great deal.)
Savings = 53%, after gift card = 74%

**I also came out of the store with another $10 off $30 purchase coupon and a Spend $10 Get Signature Item (up to $12) Free coupon.

Here are my TCP finds:
3 Winter Hats - Retail $6.50 each, Sale .99
3 Winter Gloves - Retail $6.50 each, Sale .99
5 Shirts/Pants - Retail $8.50-$12.50 each, Sale $3.99
4 Shirts/Pants - Retail $8.50-$12.50 each, Sale $2.99
Full Retail Price + Tax = $147.34
With Sales & 15% off Coupon = $34.10 ($2.27 each)
Savings = 72%

Trust me, I've learned to be prepared the hard way. I cannot tell you how many times I have left home unprepared and missed out on a great deal.

I think the Boy Scouts are onto something with that Motto of theirs, don't you!

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