Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Apocalypse Update~Updated Again

UPDATE-Final Totals-30 inches

Thought I would give y'all an update. We have over 2 feet now, and the system has stalled over us. The heavy snow that was supposed to end around noon is now predicted to continue until 10 PM. I expect there to be easily 3 feet by the time it ends. I took a photo of a wheelbarrow in my front flower bed as the storm was beginning, and then again about an hour ago, just for perspective. The time lapse between the two pics is 20 hours.

Guess what? We are supposed to get more on Tuesday...

Our average annual snowfall in this part of Maryland is 10-11 inches. So far we have had 65 inches. And there will be more...

Did I mention that I'm from the South?


  1. Wow! There WAS a road in that first picture; I know I saw it! :) But in the second picture it looks like the trees across the road are part of your front yard!

    I live in Las Vegas; snow is very unusual here. RAIN is very unusual here (about 2 inches a year is normal) bu it is raining today, which is a blessing, and a great spring day!

  2. Yeah, the road disappeared along with a lot of other stuff :)

    Spring seems so very far away now. I did not realize that you got THAT little rain in Vegas. Wow. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  3. Parts of Arizona get 10-14 inches a year, so they're ahead of us!

    I water my garden on a drip irrigation system to help conserve water.

  4. Wow! And I thought Arizona was dry! I visited your website. It is lovely, and full of wonderful information. I am quite sure that I will be trying a few of your recipes!


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