Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Candy Topiary or Sundae ~ A Tutorial

A friend once taught me this, and I thought you might enjoy seeing the process. It is SUPER easy, and a great, inexpensive craft/gift. Once you have the supplies, it might take 10 minutes, maybe...if you drag your feet about it :)

I have used these as:
~Centerpieces (See above, used at a variety show, guests loved snacking on them during the show.)
~Teacher Gifts
~Just Because Gifts
~Thank You for a great Doctor, Hairstylist, etc.

Now that I think of it, what a fun Hostess Gift, or for a friend's birthday at the office.

Here is what you will need:
Straight Pins, Styrofoam ball (this one is 4 inches), Sundae Glass, Mini Candy Bars (4" ball requires @50 minis, or 1 10oz bag.)

First, plop the ball on top of the dish (whew...are you worn out, yet?)

Next, push a pin through the top right corner of the candy wrapper. (Careful, I stabbed myself at least half a dozen times...)

Then stick it in the foam ball 1/4" above where it is resting on the glass.

Please don't measure...really, resist the temptation! It's not that complicated!

Repeat all the way around.

Follow that with a second row 1/2" higher, staggering the pin placement with the row below. That's just to cover up the gaps.

Continue circling the ball until it is completely covered. This is very forgiving, if you've got a gap, move the pin over a bit.

This little project isn't hard, but if you can do it without bleeding, you are more coordinated than me. It's a good thing I'm not a seamstress. "Here you go, Betty Sue, I've hemmed your wedding gown, sorry about the blood stains..."

You can fill the base with candy or paper shreds if you like, you can also stick a straw in it for fun. I would get a pretty, fancy, bendy one...not this cheapo thing that I just grabbed from the kitchen.

This one is done all in silver with 3 Musketeers Minis. Around Easter you can find the minis in metallic pastels, like the topiary style above. I used a plain glass vase for it. A candlestick would work as well. Use your imagination! One of these days, I'm gonna buy the biggest foam ball I can find and make a massive one, just for the fun of it...but not until I figure out what to do with it afterward...hmmm...

I bought the supplies for this project at stuff mart for about $6.50. Thrift stores are a great source for bases, and dollar stores often carry the foam balls. I think it could be pulled off for under $5 with coupons and a little planning.

OOooo, I just had another idea...how about clustering several of the topiary style at varying heights, with each one a different solid color...something like this.

I think I saw someone stocking Easter Candy at the store earlier...I've gotta get more candy!


  1. you know you're making perfectly good candy a pain in the butt to eat. next bag ya get forget about tacking it to something and let's just rip that sucker open and dive in!

  2. What a sweet idea! Love it, thanks for sharing.


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