Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Apocalypse Totals

It is finally over! WBAL reported this morning that our total for new snow is 24". That puts our total for the week at 54", and for the season at 87". We have broken every record that has ever been set since records began to be kept in 1888.

Here are pictures of the same spot to compare from Friday afternoon and then this morning.

Here is our wonderful neighbor on his way to dig us out.

This is my husband on the scraper that is usually sufficient to take care of our snow around here.

This is what the State is using to scrape our road.

And this is me in my ski jacket from 1980 something (hey, its warm and waterproof), standing in almost waist-high snow. No this is not a drift (there is one rising behind me), it is pretty level ground...and my feet were not all the way through to the grass.

The weatherman said something really vulgar last night. I'm so aghast that I almost can't type the words...MORE SNOW ON TUESDAY....

Did you know that they don't have enough snow in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics? It is too warm to manufacture it, too. They are hauling it in from higher elevations. I have another solution. They can have all of mine...All of it...Every last flake.

And for the record...If one more Southern friend tells me they are jealous and they wish they had all this snow....I'm gonna have a hissy fit. Nobody wants this much snow, nobody that has actually lived in it. It is dangerous, it is a pain, and it is going to cause flooding when it melts. Whew...I'm done, I've really been needing to get that off my chest. **she daintily steps down from her soap box**

Does anybody know Punxtawney Phil's address? I'm goin' groundhog hunting now.

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