Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deals and Steals-$3 Gevalia Coffee

You are probably familiar with Gevalia Coffee. They have a variety of "get to know us" deals available. When you sign up for this deal, you are signing up to receive a shipment of their coffee every six weeks. BUT, THERE IS NO OBLIGATION. You can order the deal and then cancel. I have ordered mine, but have not received it yet. Several bloggers that I follow have ordered from Gevalia and cancelled with no problems. They say that the operators are very polite and there is no hassle.

That said, Gevalia makes fabulous coffee. I had the mocha at a friend's house recently, and it was amazing. Gevalia also allows you to customize your delivery, which is nice. It appears that you can spread it out more if you like. For this special deal you will receive 3 full-sized boxes of their yummy coffee or tea, your choice of flavor assortment. You will also receive a travel coffee mug. All of this comes to you for $3, shipped! It really is a great deal. If you order via Ebates, you will receive $5 cash back on your order (yep, it's a money maker). And, if you are a member of Upromise, you can receive $4 in your account for your order. Try this yummy coffee deal HERE.

**Ebates is a cash back program for online orders. In less than a year I have earned $190 cash back on purchases through them. Yes it really works! They deposit my savings in my paypal account every few months. If you sign up through the link above, I will receive a $5 bonus to my account. You will receive a $5 bonus whether you use my link or not. If you prefer not to connect through me, simply visit If you ever make purchases online, you should be using a reputable cash back site.

**Upromise is similar to Ebates, but instead of receiving the cash it goes into an account for your child's college fund. There are a variety of ways to add to your Upromise account through online purchases, your grocery and drugstore loyalty cards, even by registering your credit cards. Certain eligible purchases will earn money back for your child's (or your own) education.


  1. Amy, Just to let you know. I had a bit of difficulty canceling my "subscription." I couldn't ever find a website where I could cancel and it took me a while to find a phone number. Once I found a phone number to call they were quite polite and canceled without a problem. It just wasn't as simple as I had hoped.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll look up their customer service number and post it here in the comments so it will be easier for everyone.

  3. Here's the update...LOVE the coffee. I discovered the customer service phone number on my invoice. 1-800-438-2542, and choose option #2. Cancelling was no problem at all. I chose to switch to another program for their seasonal coffee (only 4 shipments per year), with a great deal for free shipping for life. This will be a nice treat, especially considering the flavors like pumpkin spice and blueberry...yum!


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