Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running Totals ~ 10.5 Miles This Week

I told you in THIS post about the Fall Half-Marathon that my friend Denise and I are training for. The snow apocalypse kind of brought training to a screeching halt. It is nigh-on impossible to run through 4 feet of snow. And, the two-lane roads that we frequent were scraped but more like 1 1/2 lanes. So, we stopped training. Thankfully, the weather has turned gorgeous...and the snow is ALL GONE!

The first month of running is horrid, really. My lungs feel like they are gonna explode, my legs turn to jelly, I feel like a big blob... actually, I feel a lot like this guy.Yeah...did I ever tell you about the time that a buzzard (translation=vulture) circled me as I ran? I guess I looked like I was on my last leg. But, I digress...

There is a turning point somewhere between weeks 2 and 4, all of a sudden, one day I don't feel like I'm gonna pass out when I finish a run. Guess what? I had JUST gotten to that point when snowmageddon hit. So, I got to start ALL OVER again this week. Thankfully, one month off didn't do as much damage as the previous two years off did...amazing, huh?

So, after a small setback I'm back on the wagon again. Wait...there's no wagon. If there were, this whole process would be easier ~snicker~ (Yeah, I know that one was sad.)

This week I logged about 10.5 miles. (That's an estimate. I'll get more particular with it as I progress.) Considering I have to build up to running 3 miles farther in one morning than I did all week, there is a looong way to go. I'll get there, though (especially with Denise pointing out all the times I'm being a wimp). If anyone local wants to join us at the race, come on...we can encourage one another as we train. Race day is October 2nd.

*Header quote credit goes to my bud Denise...that's what she says when I'm being a wimp.


  1. Keep going, Amy! I know you'll do great in that mini-marathon. I am participating in a little bloggy meme called "Fit Mommy" which posts on Fridays if you're interested. The past two weeks I've only walked/jogged 6-7.5 miles per week, but some of the mommies are more advanced. We're just doing it for fun and accountability/encouragement.

  2. Hey, that's great. I'd love to participate! Thanks for the invitation!


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