Friday, March 5, 2010

Freebie Friday

This is my weekly freebie post. First, I'll show you everything that I've gotten for free this week, along with the links to anything that is still available. At the bottom of the post is a list of my favorite online freebies from this week. I usually get at least one free item in the mail every's just like Christmas! Free stuff is out there, it's just a matter of looking for it!

Weekly Totals
Saved-$70.76, 51%
Coupons Used-21
Rebates Received-$39.98
Net Cost-$27.17

*Normally, I have between 60% and 70% savings. This week, I am preparing some extra special treats for a ladies retreat. I did not have a few of the items that I wanted in my stockpile, so I actually paid full price, GASP!!! I know, but since I spent $67 on groceries instead of $137, it didn't bother me to add a few splurgy (splurgey? splurgee? that even a word?)items here and there.

My Freebies:

Drugstore Game:
~18 oz. Softsoap Body Wash
~4ct. Schick Quattro cartridges
~2 Renu Travel Kits (see how to get these free HERE)
~2 Kotex Liners (see how to get these free HERE)

Grocery Game:
~2 5lb Bags Gold Medal Flour (coupon HERE, make sure to print it twice!)
Safeway has this flour on sale for $1.50. The above coupon is for .75, and doubles. This equals free flour. (The coupon states do not double, but everyone I know has had it double automatically.)

*Please note that I have told you about some of these previously. These have not reset, I'm just telling you where to find them in case you missed them the first time.
~Pop Tarts Sample with 1/2 Birthday Banner (Join the Sprinklings Club HERE for random goodies throughout the year.)
~Bayer Pill Case (facebook promo, NLA)
~Full-Size Colgate Pro-Clinical (Online promo, NLA)
~Kashi Cereal Sample (Choose your Kashi Sample HERE)
~Cream of Wheat Sample w/coupon (Choose your flavor HERE)
~Purex 3-in-1 Sample (Available HERE)LOVE these for travel!
~Loreal EverPure Shampoo & Conditioner (Available HERE)
~Veria Moisturizer Samples (online promo, NLA)
~Louisiana Hot Sauce (facebook Superbowl promo, NLA)
~Spa Magazine (online promo, NLA)
~$10 Betty Crocker Coupon Book (Sign up for the Betty Crocker Newsletter HERE to get yours)

Rebates Received:
~Rite Aid Single Check Rebates $11.99
~Naked Juice Rebate $10
~Costco Jump Start Rebate $17.99

Swagbucks Reward:
~$5 Amazon Gift Card

New Online Goodies:

Sam's Club has samples of Bounce 4 in 1 Dryer sheets HERE. You do NOT have to be a club member (just leave the membership number blank). I need all the free laundry stuff I can get...did I mention that I have boys?

Become a fan of Vitaminwater on facebook HERE and fill out the form to receive a coupon via snail mail for a free bottle.

Emergen-C has a pretty cool "recipe" offer going. Pick your flavor HERE. Oddly, I could not get this one, apparently because I got a sample through an earlier promotion. See if it works for you.

I am told that you can request a sample of Bora Bora Organic Bars HERE. Now, all I see is a contest for a vacation to a tropical locale, which I would not complain about winning AT ALL. But...they say this also gets you a freebie. Worst case scenario, you get no freebie but you are entered in the contest. (It is really worth it just to look at the warmness in the pictures...I ♥ flip flops!)

Betty Crocker is giving away coupons via snail mail for free YoPlus HERE.

Join Mom's Meet HERE to receive a free subscription to Kiwi magazine.

Get a sample of Hills Science Diet for man's best friend HERE.

**I'm writing this post one day early, because of the aforementioned retreat. Please don't lynch me if one of these deals bites the dust early =0) Ya liked that big word I used right there...didn't ya???

*Opening image courtesy of Bing.

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