Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Work That Catalina Deal

When I started couponing seriously, I kept reading about "catalinas". The only catalina I knew was a salad dressing...I was understandably confused.

A "catalina" is a coupon that prints at the register when you check out, if certain buying requirements are met. The coupon is good for a certain dollar amount off of your next purchase at that store. For example, a couple of weeks ago Super Fresh had a catalina deal. If you purchased $30 in P&G products, you received a catalina for $10 ONYO (off your next order). I purchased 3 packs of paper products at $10 each (sale price), used $1 off coupons for each pack, paid $27 out of pocket. Then I received a $10 catalina at checkout, which brought my net cost down to $17 for nearly $45 in paper goods. I then used that $10 off of my next purchase, bringing a $16 bill down to $6.

Here is a fab catalina that I scored today at Weis.

Weis has two catalina deals running right now on select Kellog's Cereal.
~Thru March 13, buy $20 in Kellog's products and get $7 catalina
~Thru March 13, buy 5 boxes Kellog's cereal (listed below) and get $4 catalina
*Frosted Flakes
*Apple Jacks
*Froot Loops
*Corn Pops
*Cocoa Krispies
*Honey Smacks

~Corn Pops, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks are on sale for $2.50 (Largest Size)

There are coupons for $1 off 2 in the 3/7 Red Plum insert or you might get lucky and find a blinky in the store that has coupons for $.70 off the same 3 cereals that are on sale.

(A blinky is the motorized coupon dispenser that you find attached to grocery shelves.)

Here is my deal:
5 Boxes Apple Jacks $12.50
3 Boxes Corn Pops $7.50
Total $20.00

Used 8 blinky $.70 coupons = $5.60
Brings total to $14.40

Met requirements for both catalina deals. Received $11.00 off my next order.
Net total for 8 boxes of cereal= $3.40, or $.43 each.

If you don't find the blinky in your store, you can still use the coupons from the most recent Sunday paper to get this deal for $5.

Thanks to For the Mommas for doing the Weis matchups every week!

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