Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free for the Asking ~ 14+ Available Freebies!

This has been a SWEET week for freebies in the drugstore and grocery games. The deals have just lined up amazingly, and it didn't hurt that I had $18 in catalina dollars and over $20 in Extra Care Bucks to spend from deals last week. I hardly believe all the free stuff in my pics...but my receipts confirm it all. My mailbox hasn't yielded much this week. I'm expecting a rebate that hasn't arrived...and hoping I don't have a freebie thief lurking around. I seriously doubt anyone would be brave enough to get between me and a freebie, though. ~Grin~

As always, I'll start with my freebies for the week, along with links to anything that it still available. Then, I will list the new online freebies that I've come across. Free stuff is all around us...all you have to do is ask!

Weekly Totals
Spent $36.75
Saved $224.62, 86%
Coupons Used 65
Rebates $5
Net Cost $31.75

My Freebies

Drugstore Game:
~1 Herbal Essences Shampoo (CVS)
~1 Herbal Essences Styler (CVS-use BOGO coupon in 2/7 P&G insert)
~2 Packs Stayfree Pads (Rite Aid)
~1 Pack Kotex Liners (Walmart-Watch for $1 off any Kotex coupons)
~2 Right Guard Deoderant (CVS)
~6 Degree Deodorant (CVS)
~1 Gillette Fusion Razor (CVS)
~1 Gillette Fusion Cartridge 4pk. (CVS)
~1 Skittles (Walmart-fb promo, NLA)
~1 Benadryl Liqui-gels (Rite Aid)
~1 Sudafed Tablets (Rite Aid)
~1 Neosporin Cream (Rite Aid)
~2 Cortaid Cream (Rite Aid)
~2 Full-size Visine (Rite Aid)
~2 Travel-size Visine (Walmart-$2 off any Visene in 3/14 RP insert, makes it free)
~3 Bags Hershey's Easter Candy (CVS)
~1 Johnson's Shea Butter Baby Wash (Rite Aid)

*Rite Aid and CVS deals end Saturday. For CVS deal ideas visit Southern Savers, to see the Rite Aid deal that I ran, see THIS post at For the Mommas. The Rite Aid deal also qualifies you for a $25 single check rebate from Rite Aid. If you have questions, let me know.

Grocery Game:
~5 Boxes Assorted Fruit Snacks (Safeway, NLA)
~1 Scotties Tissue (Weis-Coupon available HERE, makes it free thru Saturday)
~4 Boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars(Safeway, NLA)
~4 Bottles Coffee Mate(Weis, thru catalinas)
~5 Bottles Marie's Dressing (Safeway, NLA)
~1 Buddig Deli Cuts Lunch Meat (Safeway, use in ad coupon & $1 off in SS 1/17 or 2/7 to get these for .77 each, limit 5)(mine was free using catalina)
~3 Boxes Pillsbury Cake Mix (Safeway, use in ad coupon to get these for .69 each, limit 3)(mine was free using catalina)
~2 Bags Nature Valley Nut Clusters (Safeway, NLA)
~1 Box Digiorno 200 Calorie Pizzas (Weis)(freebie coupon, online promo, NLA)
~1 Bunch Bananas (Weis, catalina)
~1 24 oz. Velveeta (Weis, catalina)
~4 Suave 24hr Deodorants (Safeway, some stores have these 4 for $5, use THIS $3 off 2 coupon, printed twice, to get 4 free with overage)

~1 Full-Size Pantene Shampoo w/coupons (Online promo, NLA)
~$10 Box Tops Coupon Book (Available HERE)
~Mystery Gift Card to Victoria's Secret (Between $10 and $500-Free with any purchase online, or $10 purchase in store through March 31. No promo code needed, included in every order. Find details HERE, lower right side of page.)

~$5 SC Johnson Rebate (Form NLA)

Swagbucks Rewards:
~$5 Amazon Gift Card

New Online Goodies is offering a free decoder ring HERE. The "topic" on the form should say "monthly offer", I also wrote "thanks for the decoder ring" in the notes for good measure. This will be in an Easter Basket or Stocking at my house, depending on when it arrives.

~Get your free sample of Sooo Sweet sweetener HERE. This product is made from Stevia, which is a plant-based sweetener and is popular as a healthy sugar alternative.

~Join the Uno Insider's Club HERE for specials all year long, beginning with a free appetizer in your first email.

~Another great freebie from Kotex is available HERE. U by Kotex will be sending you several samples in one package.

~Choose your sample of Splenda for Coffee HERE. Flavors available are Hazelnut and's a win-win situation!

~Redbook and Profound Beauty are offering a sample of Hush Time-Out Frizz Fighting Treatment HERE. I'm not familiar with this brand, are you?

~Go HERE to try out Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner. I love having these little packets to use for travel.

~Better Oats is offering a coupon for a free full-size box of oatmeal HERE, with a catch. They ask that you cook theirs and your regular brand, try them both, and then send in an email or video with your opinion. I don't mind shooting someone an email for free oatmeal! (I expect to find these in the Health Food Section, I understand that their store locator is supposed to be up soon.)

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