Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Royal Flowers

Recently I shared with you how happy I am that I took a couple of Wilton Cake decorating classes a few years ago. I spent yesterday morning making 90 royal icing flowers. My pastor's son is getting married, and his mom asked me to make the cake for the bridal shower.

These flowers are the primary subject matter for Wilton's level 2 course. Royal icing hardens when it dries, and can be kept for a very long time at room temperature, literally months. I enjoy making flowers, and occasionally spend a day at it just to have some in reserve. When I have these on hand ready to go, I can decorate a cake in no time. One of my instructors said that a collection of flowers in your pantry is like money in the bank, and I agree. They are edible, crunchy like candy (but better than the hard icing decorations that you find in the grocery store). And, royal icing is a breeze to clean up. Since there is no fat in it, it literally melts away in hot water.

I will be finishing the cake on Friday, and I will share the final product with you then.

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