Friday, April 16, 2010

Free for the Asking ~ 9+ Available Freebies

I am beginning to get back into the swing of things. After several illnesses running amuck in my household, and some great visits from the grandparents we are returning to a normal routine around here. My mailbox freebies include last week's selection, as well as this week's. But, the shopping trips are all from the last couple of days. All but a couple of things were purchased today. And, I'm not with it enough yet to have all of my receipts together, but here are the totals from today's trip.

As always, I will begin the post with my personal freebies for the week, along with links or explanations of anything still available. (If you have already requested the samples in my "mailbox" section, you probably won't be able to request them again, unless I indicate that it has "reset".) Then I will give you the links to my favorite new online freebies of the week.

Free stuff is all around us...all you have to do is ask!

Weekly Totals
Spent $31.52
Saved $97.83, 76%
Coupons 25
Rebates 0
Net Cost $31.52

Grocery Game:

~7 Boxes Pebbles Cereal (Safeway)

~4 Boxes Quaker Oatmeal (Safeway)

~1 Vitamin Water (FB promo, NLA)

*See the current Safeway breakfast deal HERE. Note, that Pebbles cereal is on sale, plus you get $5 off at checkout when purchasing 5. Plus, there are manufacturer coupons out. Plus, you get a $4 catalina at checkout for your next purchase. All of these factors, plus a catalina I had from last week, made the cereal and the oatmeal free for me. You can get them for .30-.50 each if you don't have a catalina to spend.

Drugstore Game:

~4 12-Packs Schick Razors (Free at Walmart with $2 coupon from SS 4/11 insert)

~4 Benadryl Anti-Itch Sticks (Free at Walmart with $5/2 coupon from RP 4/11 insert)

~3 Boxes Puffs (CVS with ECB)

~1 Roll CVS TP(CVS, $1 off any CVS paper product printing at kiosk)

~12-Pack Bounty (CVS with ECB)

~16-Pack Charmin (CVS with ECB)

Mailbox Freebies:

~Arm & Hammer Shaker (Online promo, NLA)

~Aveeno Lotion (Online promo, NLA)

~Cascade Coupon (no idea why they sent this)

~Proctor & Gamble $100 Coupon Book (Part of the P&G, NLA)

~Home Made Simple Coupon Book (NLA)

~Benefiber Orange Stick & Coupon (Available HERE)

~5 Gum (FB Promo, NLA)

~Stride Gum (FB Promo, NLA)

~Ritz Munchables (FB Promo, NLA)

~Free Sunchips Coupon (FB Promo, NLA)

~Free Oreos Coupon (FB Promo, NLA)

~Bottle Opener (Gift from Neilsen Research Membership)

~Lipton Green Tea Sample (NLA)

~Lever 2000 Sample (NLA)

~U by Kotex Samples & Coupon (Available HERE)

~ Nature Made Flexibility Supplement (Online promo, NLA)

New Online Goodies:

~Walmart has a sample of Carefree Liners HERE. These usually come with coupons!

~Get your sample of Stayfree pads HERE.

~SeaPak has a recipe book for you HERE that contains coupons.

~P&G Brandsaver has several samples available including Cascade Action Packs HERE.

~Get another sample of Dove Haircare HERE.

~Kraft is giving away coupons via snail mail for their new Cheesy Explosion pasta, as a facebook promotion. Request yours HERE.

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