Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Challenge ~ Salvation Army

You know those dedicated, slightly crazy people who stand outside this time of year with the little red buckets? I have been amazed at the nasty weather through which they will ring their bells to raise money for people in need. I have discovered that it takes a concerted effort on my part to be able to drop some change in those red buckets. See, I am a full participant in the digital age...meaning I never carry cash...ever. One day someone is going to try to mug me and be greatly disappointed. :) So, this time of year, I make the extra effort to have some change on hand so that I or my kiddos can contribute to the Salvation Army's work.

And here's a bonus thought for the day...the next time you see one of those kind-hearted folks ringing a bell in below-freezing temperatures...stop by with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and thank them for their sacrifice!

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