Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stockpiling Perishable Foods

As I travel further on my couponing/stockpiling adventure, I am learning new tricks along the way. It really bugs me that there are certain items that cannot be stockpiled because they will spoil. This means that I can choose to either do without these items or pay full price for them. EEEK!

I have discovered that quite a few perishable items can be frozen successfully, without negatively affecting their quality or taste.

For example, liquid coffee creamer was once a true luxury item for me. I would not pay $2.69 for a bottle of creamer when I had a gallon of milk that I could make do with. After discovering that there is a sale cycle every 8-12 weeks on Coffee Mate and International Delight, I decided to try freezing it. Now I pay between .25 and .90 for creamer once a quarter and stockpile 15-20 bottles a time in my freezer. It freezes beautifully!

Here is a list of items that I freeze regularly:
~Coffee Creamer
~Lunch Meat
~Squeeze Yogurt (Like Gogurt)
~Cheese (I recommend grating it first, if you thaw a block and grate, it tends to be very crumbly.)
~Bread (Just thaw the loaf on the counter, open.)
~Nuts (Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds. They stay fresh longer)
~Extra Flour (Sure to be bug-free.)
~Butter (Not sure about margarine.)

If you have any other ideas...let me know!


  1. Is that .25 and .90 for the pint size or the quart size? 'cause I'm thinking milk is still cheaper and for me I'd choose cheaper even though I prefer creamer.

  2. It depends on the sale. Usually it is more in the .25-.40 range for the pints and .75-.90 range for the quarts. (I do get it for free occasionally, just not every go-round.) This is a treat that we enjoy. I save so much on groceries that it isn't a big deal to spend $8 or so every 3 months for creamer. That's a lot better than full price! ($12+ per month)
    I am now consistently getting 70-80% off my bill for the week (averaging all the stores together.)

  3. I freeze all of the above also. I usually buy I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and it freezes beautifully, sticks & tubs. I've also frozen other margarines with no problems.


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