Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Companies that Do Not Leave Adoptive Families Out of the Fun!

This week while I was perusing the blogs, I came across a reminder for all of the fun stuff you get when you are pregnant. You know, cans of formula and coupons sent to your door by companies who hope that they can entice you to use their brand for that huge investment. Or, samples of the latest and greatest diapers along with high-value coupons. And, the pinnacle, the diaper bag full of goodies from the hospital.

I don't know, maybe I'm a little weird...but you KNOW how much I LOVE a freebie! Why pay for it when someone out there is willing to give it to you for free...right?

Well, it got me to thinking (like that grammar, don't ya?), "I won't be going to the hospital for our newest bundle of joy...I'll be taking and umpteen hour plane ride. I wonder if these companies have offers for adoptive families as well?" So, I started hitting websites for all of the diaper, formula, and baby food companies that I could think of. I sent emails all over the place posing my question.

On Wednesday I spoke with a nice lady from Nestle/Gerber (who have merged, I guess?) She asked me a few questions about Grace, and then informed me that she had no distribution system in place for the same package given at the hospital. But, she would like to send a different gift to me. Sure! I told her that I would love that.

Yesterday (2 days later!), my nice UPS guy delivered the gift. Inside I found a much nicer diaper bag than I received at the hospital with either of my boys. (This is probably the one I will take to China.) There were also some promotional materials, AND a coupon for a FREE can of formula...of my choice. This includes Soy, which we expect to be using with Grace. WOW! I am very impressed by Gerber's response to my query. And, you can bet that I will remember that when I am shopping for Grace's needs in the future.

If you know anyone who is adopting a young child, be sure to let them know what is available for them!

You know my mantra...There is stuff all around us that is "free for the asking".

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